Our Goal

In developed countries, a significant portion of the elder population lives in retirement communities. These retirement communities are designed and built with the special needs of senior citizens in mind and ensure a safe and secure environment for older people, while at the same time, providing them with all the facilities, companionship, medical assistance and the freedom they need and deserve. These retirement communities come in many hues and shades so that there is a right one for every person.

While such retirement communities have been in vogue abroad for quite a while, they are only now emerging in India. The private sector, especially the real estate industry has finally woken up to the fact that India has over 100 Million people aged more than 60 years and many of them require proper retirement communities with all the necessary facilities to lead a productive life of safety and comfort.

As usual, when a new market emerges, there are all kinds of players involved – from legitimate companies to fly-by-night operators.

The job of Old is Gold Store is to provide well investigated independent reviews of retirement communities and the companies behind them so that you get all the facts right and invest wisely.

If you find a retirement community we have not reviewed, please write to us and we will initiate the review process as soon as we can.


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