Retirement communities – A good option for safe living

retirement-home-kodaikanal-villaSenior citizens around the country are at cross roads today.  The traditional support that the joint family system provided has disappeared and neither the government nor the private sector have stepped in to fill this gap, which means that senior citizens are often left to fend for themselves.

Some of the modern day challenges confronting senior citizens, especially those living in cities, are


  1. Increased cost of living.
  2. Difficulty in commuting.
  3. Acute shortage of household help.
  4. Loneliness & isolation.
  5. Security Fears.
  6. Spiralling health care costs.
  7. Noise & air pollution.

One viable alternative to living in the city, is to relocate into a retirement community.  You can see that there are major advantages to moving into a retirement community, once a couple of mindset changes have been made.

Mind set changes

Retirement communities = old age homes : NOT TRUE

For the average Indian, the term “Old Age Home” conjures up images of destitute homes run by poor charities and populated with homeless people.  It is also tightly associated with a lot of negative emotions and conditions such as feeling unwanted, feeling deserted by children, depression, destitution, poverty, terminal illness, disease and isolation.

However, retirement communities are not old age homes.  They are gated communities that let you lead an independent life and provide additional facilities and services that make life for senior citizens safe, secure and comfortable.   Many of the advantages they provide are given below.

Living in the heart of the city is important : NOT TRUE

Given the kind of problems cities are facing in terms of power shut downs, acute water shortage, frequent disruptions due to political rallies, and overcrowding, the quality of life is much better outside cities in gated communities with captive power source than within the city.  And travelling to the city once or twice a year for a function or concert is much easier than having to live in the city throughout the year.

Advantages – Retirement Communities

Living in a retirement community is a great option for many senior citizens. These communities offer plenty of great things for senior citizens. Given below are some of the advantages:

Peer Group

There are opportunities to meet other people in the same age group allowing for greater camaraderie & fellowship. Instead of living among youngsters who do not have the time for the previous generation, being in a peer group allows one to share experiences and memories, and indulge in activities that are appealing to everyone.


Access to a wide variety of affordable activities is one reason why people like to live in retirement communities.  Depending on where you live, you may have easy access to golf, tennis, swimming, art studios, garden plots, clubs and social activities.

Pollution Free

Life away from the city has perks other than peace & quiet. Pollution levels are considerably lower, air quality is immensely superior, air-borne diseases are lesser.


Good retirement communities are designed to provide easy access for the elderly.  Be it inside the house or outside, every amenity and area is designed with the elderly in mind – wide doors to allow even wheelchairs to pass through, mild-gradient ramps, benches on the sidewalk and safe and comfortable bathrooms.


Another great thing about living in an adult community is security. Some are gated, but if you live in one that is not gated most of the people in these communities tend to become like family and watch out for each other.

 The majority of retirement communities are gated and many also have private security that is a visible presence.

Health Care

Many Retirement communities offer routine and emergency health care  in house. As a result, in the event of an emergency the community offers a better alternative to big city where getting to a hospital in typical everyday traffic can be life threatening.

Good Retirement communities employ staff with health care experience. Some communities offer skilled nursing, continuing care, and hire nurses for the convenience of their residents.  Some have staff members  on site to help the residents, bathe the resident, administer the resident’s medication and check blood pressure, pulse rate and other vital signs, making sure that health comes first for their residents.


Most communities offer arrangements for short trips while also having an arrangement for Train or flight tickets as & when required by its members.

Maintenance-free living makes life a breeze

There are many types of retirement communities, and most include maintenance-free living.  Paying electricity bills, looking for a plumber a handyman or electrician is no more a bother. A retirement effectively frees you from all such unproductive and often frustrating chores.

Catered Food

True retirement should free you from the chore of routine cooking.  Many retirement homes offer an option for a community kitchen and the bigger ones offer a choice of cuisine and are free from regimented dining timings.


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