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Retirement for Indian women – a pipe dream?

chained to kitchenEarly yesterday morning one of our customers called me to order a few things. She is in her early 80’s and her husband is in his mid-80’s and suffering from Alzheimer’s. As usual, she used this opportunity to share with me some of the problems she had been facing recently.…

Aishwaryam – Assisted Living retirement community

Aishwaryam from The Chennai Homes is an assisted living retirement community around 100 kms from Chennai towards Pondicherry on the ECR.  The phase-I of the property consisting of 54 independent cottages is nearly complete and will be ready for occupation by July 2013.…

Retirement communities – A good option for safe living

retirement-home-kodaikanal-villaSenior citizens around the country are at cross roads today.  The traditional support that the joint family system provided has disappeared and neither the government nor the private sector have stepped in to fill this gap, which means that senior citizens are often left to fend for themselves.

An old lion moves into a new den

In the newspaper today is an article about Richard Attenborough, the director of such hits as Gandhi, A Bridge too far, Cry Freedom and Chaplin(1992) moving into a retirement home due to ill health.

Age catches up with the best of us and moving into a retirement home or a care home can provide far superior comfort for the elders and their care givers than any home, however well equipped, can.  …