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Reinterpreting Old age homes

oldagehomeFor the average Indian, the term “Old Age Home” conjures up images of destitute homes run by poor charities and populated with homeless people.  It is also tightly associated with a lot of negative emotions and conditions such as feeling unwanted, feeling deserted by children,  depression, destitution, poverty, terminal illness, disease and isolation.…

How we classify retirement communities.


Retirement communities come in many hues. Just because a new (or old) gated community is marketed as a retirement community does not mean that it can take care of all your needs as you grow older.

While there are many ways of classifying retirement communities(by location, by price, by quality,…), one meaningful way is to group them based on the level of service they provide.…

Melur Meadows


Melur Meadows is a retirement community based in Coimbatore District of Tamilnadu, at the foothills of the Nilgiris. This facility provides a lot of shared services and is ideal for elderly people who are capable of independent living.

Anandam Retirement Community

Note: Anandam is currently available for purchase, but is not ready to live in yet. The first people are expected to move in by end of 2013.


Here’s the good news. There are a number of retirement communities coming up in India to cater to the ageing middle class population. These retirement communities are affordable, and are built with the elderly in mind so that they can have all the creature comforts during their silver years.…